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Gabriola Graphics is made up of two rising stars specializing in website creation and graphic design: Kevan Heughan and Allison Rose.

Kevan @ Gabriola GraphicsKevan has worked in graphic design, digital printing and website design for the last 16 years in both British Columbia and Ontario. In Toronto Kevan was hired as a Graphic Designer at Imagination@Work for digital production of “photo gifts” specifically for the wholesale market including Black’s Photography, Loblaws, Japan Camera, Photolab and Shoppers Drug Mart.

After a number of years using industry standard software (Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator) his interest focused on the different output devices such as production colour printers and dye-sublimation printing that were used in-house. Within three years he was promoted to operations manager and oversaw the entire process of digital development and colour printing for the company.

Inspired by a more creative environment Kevan was hired by TCN (The Colour Network) as a Graphic Designer/Print Production Manager. There Kevan helped the company through a major technological shift in their workflow, essentially “digitizing” their entire wholesale division, moving away from the handling of traditional printed photos and into digital files supplied by customers uploading via websites. In addition he designed and printed the company’s catalog that year (and subsequent years) and trained employees in the use of the Adobe software needed to streamline their workflow.

In 2010 Kevan made the decision to do freelance work full-time and Gabriola Graphics was born. Now, via this website, he is building relationships with people like you so that Gabriola Graphics will become your go-to team for website creation and graphic design.

Allison @ Gabriola GraphicsAllison is an awesome website designer specializing in creative and complex websites since 2001. Her Fine Arts degree from York University (1995-1999) was just the beginning of her studies in graphic design and the digital realm. Initially focused on Photography (film) she was naturally lead to embracing, and then dominating, the digital workspace. After many additional classes focused on individual web technologies she landed a full-time job as a web specialist at a small web firm where she quickly rose to the most talented coder there. She now devours website code, integrates databases with websites, and is capable of building her own Content Management Systems (and more) allowing users to control their own content on their very own websites.


We’re confident in what we do and how we can help you create effective designs, including a strong online presence. Using the latest software we create attractive and eye-catching designs. We are professional, organized and reliable. Let us show you why our clients are so impressed with Gabriola Graphics.

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