We’ve completed such a variety of projects, many of which might not apply to your situation, that we’ll just outline here our more popular requests. If you don’t wish to scroll the entire page, click the icon below to jump to your area of interest:


Website Design and Creation

Gabriola Graphics is unique in the web design field.

Even though our 30 years of combined experience allows us to do a great job, it’s our individual backgrounds in both Graphic Design and Website Design that allows us to excel creating compelling websites.

Almost every day for businesses and individuals alike we develop new websites and update existing ones which communicate their brand and message to visitors from around the world.

Some of the website design services we provide include:

  • Responsive websites that “just work” on every device
  • Content managed areas allowing you to add, edit or delete content
  • Slideshows, galleries and lightboxes
  • Search engine optimization and website analytics
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Paypal integration and online ordering
  • Contact forms

Other benefits of working with us:

  • We don’t recommend or push anything that you don’t need. In fact we’ll advise you if we feel something may be unwarranted.
  • There are no hidden fees, maintenance fees or monthly fees for no reason. Other companies might advertise a low-end figure to get you on-board and then charge you monthly fees.
  • Technology and tastes change. We continually work with clients to update their sites.
  • We respond to all questions & inquiries promptly.

Let’s make something amazing together!

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Real Estate Websites (update 2016): Read our page on Better Real Estate Websites

Business Card Design

Every logo is designed specifically to your preference and taste. Your new logo design is created with the latest software and our many years of experience. This combination of software and experience enables your new logo to be used by anyone around the world, and at any size! Whether on a website, business card or 25 foot wide billboard your logo will always look razor-sharp.

We also regularly revise or update existing logos. This not only just makes your logo look better, but a logo properly created by a professional allows you to easily reproduce it in a wide variety of formats and on different media such as: embroidery, screen printing, stamp making, promotional products, online usage for websites and email, large format printing, and more.

See some logo designs we’ve created on our portfolio page: logo designs.


Logo Design

Whether or not you already have a logo, favourite colour scheme or font, we can easily create or incorporate existing artwork into a business card design for you.

We love to showcase our creative ideas and provide you with multiple designs in PDF format so that you can visualize your new card right in front of you. With your feedback we can mix and match any of the choices we present to you so that you end up with an amazing design you are excited to show off any chance you get. All you have to do is look in your inbox and let us know which designs you like!

Additionally, substituting different names, titles, emails or phone numbers is easy should you have the need for multiple business cards with the same design.


Brochure Design

We create effective designs which are easy to read, showcase creativity, and work in unison with any branding or photographs you may have. Though a majority of brochure designs we create are a standard letter paper size (8.5 x 11″), folded into a tri-fold display, there are many paper sizes and fold-options available.

Brochures are a whole bunch of fun to design as there is so much space to showcase creativity! If you have an existing logo, favourite colour scheme, business card design or website, we can match your branding to make for an awesome and effective brochure.


Poster Design

Posters need to pop and attract attention from a distance. This is why poster design can be really fun for a designer. Smaller-sized prints such as magazine ads, newspaper ads, or business cards can require a more direct and clear design without all the pizzazz and graphical elements that may appear on a poster. But with poster design, those rules can be flexed to allow for bolder colours, stronger text effects or even implementing wild graphic elements that are sure to be eye catching for those that walk by! Posters are a huge amount of fun to create.


Rack Card Design

Reach your audience with a targeted design. Postcards and handbills are essentially the same thing; a postcard is printed on a heavier stock and includes a back side (suitable for post) whereas a handbill is printed on paper which then often are presented in stacks on counter-tops for potential customers to take or used as an “insert” in envelopes or bags.

We should also mention rack cards here. A rack card fits in standard holders which allow your audience to see the front of the design. The rack card often has a back side for further information as well. You can buy rack card holders, usually made from clear acrylic from most any office supply store.

A handbill or rack card is a cheaper way of providing information to your audience when the full space of a poster or brochure isn’t required.


Print Design

Deliver your message with a high-impact wow! We specifically optimize your designs for reproduction in either colour or black and white printing and incorporate any branding or images you may have.

We create clear and professional designs that help you stand out.

In addition to supplying you designs for print we can very easily send you a version optimized for online use (websites, social media or email). Optimized for online use means “shrunk to the minimum file size possible for faster transmission and display while retaining the highest quality visual appeal”.

On our portfolio page you can check out more of our print designs.


Online Graphics

We’ve been creating web graphics for more than 20 years collectively. We love creating designs and graphics that demand attention because they look great.

Just some of the reasons businesses regularly call on us:

  • Feature images and custom website graphics
  • Custom slideshow graphics matching your brand/theme
  • Optimized images for email blasts and social networks
  • Mock-ups showcasing your products
  • SVG (scalable vector graphics) logos
  • Online ads and call-to-action graphics

If we all ready have access to your website server we can post graphics or ads to your site with same-day service.


Colour Separations Screen PrintingAdmittedly in 2010 when Gabriola Graphics was started we underestimated how many people had a need for colour separations. Maybe they were just looking for reliable, quick and affordable people to work with and stuck with us.

Today on a regular basis we work with screen printers, print houses and businesses. When they receive inferior logos or designs from their customers they use our services to provide them with digital artwork that meet their specifications so that their production quality remains top-notch.

Need artwork to be converted to vector format? Need designs converted to a limited numbers of colours? Need files to be simplified so you can edit them? Or just need separations as individual files?

Contact us and let us impress you.

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