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750 FREE + 96 NEW Material Design Icons to Use, Remix or Share


In October of 2014 I blogged about Google releasing 700+ free categorized icons. Well they’ve just updated their collection with an additional 96 new icons that you can use personally or commercially without attribution whatsoever. Their license (CC-BY 4.0) does however include a blurb saying it won’t hurt their feelings if you include attribution on […]

CSS Feature Detection Using @supports In Your CSS


You have used CSS for years, targeting elements in your code and styling as you wish. Perhaps you’ve even┬ádeveloped code that checked to see if your styling would look great in all browsers and implemented a fall-back in case your preferred styling wasn’t supported in the viewer’s browser. You might have used Modernizr for that […]

Lea Verou’s Prefix Free CSS


I probably shouldn’t just assume everyone knows about this. You have to be a web developer and also actively research and spend time learning new things. What developer doesn’t do that? What it is: Prefix free is a single JS file (2kb) that you download and include with your site files. What it does: It […]



I’m writing this post mostly for my own use. I have A LOT of bookmarks and am constantly developing and updating my code base for best practice, and ease of implementation. That got me interested in straightening out my widening array of CSS Reset links and code. As of September 2014 here is what I […]