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Divi: Remove Projects From View in WordPress Admin Area

This code snippet doesn't disable Divi's own custom post type called Projects, but rather just removes it from view in the admin area. For numerous reasons you don't want to remove the Projects custom post type (screwed up templates, time outs, etc.) [code...

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Creating A Divi Child Theme

Rather than try to better Elegant Themes own guide, let me point you to their awesome article: Ultimate Guide to Creating a Divi Child Theme

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Kodi Sharing with Windows 10 [Solved]

We run an Android box (the Minix Neo-U1) into a TV that was gifted our way. It's been almost flawless and operates impressively as we connect wireless from some distance away. After many many months of using Kodi to connect to our Windows 10 desktop in another room in...

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Remove Divi Builder Button for WP User Role Author

To make things easier for the client hand-off, I removed the Divi builder button from the back-end, using the following code: /* Remove Divi Builder button for WP Role Author */ function my_custom_admin_head() { if ( current_user_can( 'author' )) :...

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Divi Disable Slider and Gallery Slide-In Effect

On page load the Divi photo gallery and the image slider have their own automatic "slide in from left" effect. To disable this effect use the following CSS: .et_pb_slide_image, .et_pb_slide:first-child .et_pb_slide_image {...

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Divi Friendly Global Footer

This trick will allow you to create a Divi friendly footer (within the front-end builder) and then via a child theme modification to the footer.php file, have it echo throughout your site. <style>.embed-container { position: relative;...

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Divi Align Module to Bottom

When trying to align content to the bottom of a column, use flex. <ol> <li>Make sure your row has the <strong>equalize heights</strong> option turned ON.</li> <li>In the <strong>column</strong> you...

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Website Copying, Mirroring and Downloading for Offline Browsing

I recently had to copy a static website for a client that no longer had access to their back-end. I used a program called HTTrack Website Copier to download the entire site locally, so that I could then upload it to a new server location. It only comes up once a year...

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Force HTTPS But Not For Add-On Domain

Setting up a new add-on domain* for a client today and found that I could not access the new add-on domain name directly. It was appending the new add-on domain name to the root or main site url. So instead of taking the visitor to it was taking them...

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