When I’m developing a site that is not visible to the public yet, possibly hidden behind my favourite “Coming Soon” wordpress plug-in Coming Soon Page, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd I will send clients the link to the site to go and evaluate it. This tip also works for redirecting any login to any page on your site, regardless of whether or not you are using a Coming Soon page plug-in.

The normal way of sending a login link to someone would look like:


This link above automatically shows the wordpress dashboard when a user completes the login. The tip to redirect any login to the website’s home page, therefore bypassing the dashboard, is adding a redirect string as follows to the url:


If you wish to redirect to a specific page, enter the page name between the last %2F and the & like the following and enter another slash at the end of the page name %2F as shown below:


Hope this helps! Happy developing!