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Divi Friendly Global Footer


This trick will allow you to create a Divi friendly footer (within the front-end builder) and then via a child theme modification to the footer.php file, have it echo throughout your site.   And the code to enter in your footer.php file. Make sure to replace the relevant post # with your own:

Fix Dreamweaver Double-Spaced Code


Due to Unix/Linux/Windows server environments, when you are editing code locally in Dreamweaver you’ll sometimes find your code double-spaced for the whole file. A quick fix is to run this find/replace command to remove the extra spaces. Hit CTRL-F or command F to bring up the Find/Replace dialog box. In the Find box enter “[\r\n]{2,}” […]

PHP Snippet: Display If In Date Range


One of my client’s websites requires regular updates where a “Sale” graphic is shown to visitors between certain dates. Rather than manually updating the site at those specific dates (and having to be in front of the computer on those dates) I wrote a little script so the graphic just pops up if the current […]