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Kodi Sharing with Windows 10 [Solved]


  We run an Android box (the Minix Neo-U1) into a TV that was gifted our way. It’s been almost flawless and operates impressively as we connect wireless from some distance away. After many many months of using Kodi to connect to our Windows 10 desktop in another room in the house, the connection was […]

FREE Open Source Password Manager: KeePass


Unless I’m mistaken and you don’t use the Internet much at all, YOU NEED a password manager. Here’s the gist. KeePass is free, open-source, cross-platform, light-weight password management program for Windows. If you aren’t using Windows but rather have a Mac, iPhone or Android OS unofficial versions of the program exist for pretty much any […]

Client Data Workflow


Just wanted to share what I thought was a reasonably valuable tidbit today. It’s about organizing client data. I’ve done this long enough now to know there has to be some sort of logic as to where you save something or what you name it. I’ve never really found anyone else talking about this so […]

Windows Magnification Success!


For the record I’m not 50 or 60 years old. I’m 40. My eyes are in great shape! I also know that in Adobe software as well as web browsers I can use the hotkeys CTRL and + and CTRL and – to make things larger and smaller (CTRL-0 resets to the default view btw). […]