We run an Android box (the Minix Neo-U1) into a TV that was gifted our way. It’s been almost flawless and operates impressively as we connect wireless from some distance away. After many many months of using Kodi to connect to our Windows 10 desktop in another room in the house, the connection was recently “lost” to the Windows 10 system.

While the Minix box still had internet access it wanted nothing to do with getting into the Windows 10 system on the network. Whether configuring Kodi to browse for computer or directly via IP address, it wasn’t having it.

Well if the Minix box has internet then I knew the box was connecting to our home network/router, and the issue was likely at the Windows 10 computer.

Sure enough, after more than a few searches (because you know there will be 1.5 million results found for “kodi windows 10 connectivity network issue”) I found the answer I was looking for: [solved] Network Connection to Win 10. The solution in my case was to re-enable SMB sharing in Windows, restart both the Windows system and the Minix box, and voila all shares came back to life.

Not sure why a Windows update would be instructed to turn-off SMB sharing without warning, but hey, that’s the “joy” of computers right? Ugh.

Here is the specific link I found in the above post that helped me out—it’s actually a PDF called Enable SMB1 in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (build 1709) to shared folder for Popcorn Hour device.