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InMotion Hosting: Fix Image Upload Error for WordPress


This may be pertinent for WordPress installs on InMotion web hosting only. I ran into an image upload error for a new WordPress install where the only message displayed was “HTTP error”. After following the usual actions of checking folder permissions, php memory limits, etc. the solution that worked for me was found in this […]

PHP Snippet: Display If In Date Range


One of my client’s websites requires regular updates where a “Sale” graphic is shown to visitors between certain dates. Rather than manually updating the site at those specific dates (and having to be in front of the computer on those dates) I wrote a little script so the graphic just pops up if the current […]



I’m writing this post mostly for my own use. I have A LOT of bookmarks and am constantly developing and updating my code base for best practice, and ease of implementation. That got me interested in straightening out my widening array of CSS Reset links and code. As of September 2014 here is what I […]

Invisible Elements Correctly in CSS


Full credit to Jonathan Snook. His article and reasoning here: