Fix Dreamweaver Double-Spaced Code

Dreamweaver Find and Replace

Due to Unix/Linux/Windows server environments, when you are editing code locally in Dreamweaver you’ll sometimes find your code double-spaced for the whole file.

A quick fix is to run this find/replace command to remove the extra spaces.

  1. Hit CTRL-F or command F to bring up the Find/Replace dialog box.
  2. In the Find box enter “[\r\n]{2,}” (without the quotes).
  3. In the replace box enter “\n” (without the quotes).
  4. Make sure the box for “Use regular expression” is checked and click Replace All.

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InMotion Hosting: Fix Image Upload Error for WordPress

This may be pertinent for WordPress installs on InMotion web hosting only.

I ran into an image upload error for a new WordPress install where the only message displayed was “HTTP error”. After following the usual actions of checking folder permissions, php memory limits, etc. the solution that worked for me was found in this post from InMotion: How to Fix the HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress.

Just edit your .htaccess file in the root of your WordPress install (mine was located at /public_html) and add this line to the top of your htaccess file:

I saved the changes and the media uploader jumped to life and began working as it should!

Popular Brands As SVG Graphics (With One Click) From Simple Icons

simmple icons
Whether you’re looking for one or more vector-based SVG icons for your project, Simple Icons at does a fantastic job of presenting them to you with a no-nonsense and easy to use interface (single-click to download).

These icons can be used on the web or in any software program capable of working with SVG graphics.

Thanks to Dan Leech for this helpful resource!

FYI – SVG’s are Scalable Vector Graphics and work the same way a font does. The letter “A” in a font is built using a mathematical formula to outline the shape of the letter. Then a fill can be applied to that shape outline. You can imagine in Microsoft Word having the letter A on the page and making it really tiny in size, or really large in size. No matter the size, the mathematical formula used to draw the outline of the shape is just multiplied by a constant to make it larger (smaller), thereby always rendering the shape with perfectly crisp and sharp graphics. Any SVG or purely vector-based graphic works this way. It’s why a properly designed logo can be 1″ small, or 10′ across and still be razor sharp and clear!

Get Cheaper Rechargeable Batteries From

amazon batteries box AAA rechargeable

When one of my phone handsets died a few weeks back it was time to get another set of rechargeable AAA’s. I say another because with three handsets in the house I’ve had to swap in new rechargeable batteries a few times—and I knew they were, pricey.

At our local London Drugs, a store that really like by the way, (they sell a bit of everything and not just drugs) the set of two rechargeable Energizer AAA’s were $14.99! For two of those tiny tiny batteries. Argh. And a set of 4 was $25.99. Not really any better.

Okay, I bought the two batteries and brought them home thinking I’m done for another year or so.

Then it struck me to have a look online… yes, for batteries, which I’d never done before. And I soon learned Amazon makes their own batteries! And they are much cheaper than the rechargeable Duracell and Energizers out there, with the same stats (Ni-MH Min 750mAh 1.2V), at about half the price when I ordered.*


So instead of paying $15.99 for two, I got shipped free to me (we purchased something else from at the same time to get free shipping) a set of 8 for $24.99. The batteries went in the phone soon after the arrived and its been working just fine since.

*I should also note for your benefit that when I went to find the link for the product I purchased the price has dropped quite a bit. As of today, January 3, 2017 you can get a set of 12 for $16.99. However, watch the AA versus AAA. While the page clearly shows 12 AAA’s for $16.99 when I use the share link the title reads “AmazonBasics AA NiMH Precharged Rechargeable Batteries (16-Pack) 2000 mAh”. No matter, it’s still a terrific deal and you’ll likely want to conduct your own searches for the amount you need.

TLDR: Locally each AAA rechargeable cost me $8 each. I can get the same product for $1.41 from