amazon batteries box AAA rechargeable

When one of my phone handsets died a few weeks back it was time to get another set of rechargeable AAA’s. I say another because with three handsets in the house I’ve had to swap in new rechargeable batteries a few times—and I knew they were, pricey.

At our local London Drugs, a store that really like by the way, (they sell a bit of everything and not just drugs) the set of two rechargeable Energizer AAA’s were $14.99! For two of those tiny tiny batteries. Argh. And a set of 4 was $25.99. Not really any better.

Okay, I bought the two batteries and brought them home thinking I’m done for another year or so.

Then it struck me to have a look online… yes, for batteries, which I’d never done before. And I soon learned Amazon makes their own batteries! And they are much cheaper than the rechargeable Duracell and Energizers out there, with the same stats (Ni-MH Min 750mAh 1.2V), at about half the price when I ordered.*


So instead of paying $15.99 for two, I got shipped free to me (we purchased something else from at the same time to get free shipping) a set of 8 for $24.99. The batteries went in the phone soon after the arrived and its been working just fine since.

*I should also note for your benefit that when I went to find the link for the product I purchased the price has dropped quite a bit. As of today, January 3, 2017 you can get a set of 12 for $16.99. However, watch the AA versus AAA. While the page clearly shows 12 AAA’s for $16.99 when I use the share link the title reads “AmazonBasics AA NiMH Precharged Rechargeable Batteries (16-Pack) 2000 mAh”. No matter, it’s still a terrific deal and you’ll likely want to conduct your own searches for the amount you need.

TLDR: Locally each AAA rechargeable cost me $8 each. I can get the same product for $1.41 from