facebook username solution

This one is going out to all those searching the Facebook help pages that really offer no help. I couldn’t believe just how little help those pages and their comments/information were… especially with no Facebook representatives helping anyone! Anyways…

I recently set up a new business page for a client, from a new Facebook account so my personal life wouldn’t get all mixed in with their business.

When it came time to changing the page’s username, so that the URL for the business site would change from the arbitrarily assigned one, facebook.com/sample-business-name-684192348769/ to a more appropriate one like, facebook.com/samplebusinessname I kept getting an error saying, “You’re not eligible to create a username”.

So  a quick search says The Page needs 25 likes before you are eligible to create a username. It’s important to point out it says “The Page” needs 25 likes… because that’s wrong. The page had 50+ likes.

Firstly, Facebook’s own help pages about creating a username don’t even mention the page, or the user trying to creating the page, needing 25 likes. Helpful.

Secondly, you’ll run across hundreds of help pages like this one stating the page needs 25 likes before you can change or create the username. And they are wrong.

The solution for my case, and I say my case because you might be trying to do something similar but not quite the same… but for me trying to create a NEW USERNAME for a NEW PAGE from a NEW ACCOUNT, the admin account itself needed to have 25 likes.

As I had just created a new Facebook account, so as to not intermingle with my existing Facebook life, there were no likes on my new account!

I never could find this this solution posted anywhere, so I hope I’m helping some people out there get through this issue.

Tip: How was I able to instantly get 25 likes for the admin account to create the username? I added my friend’s email as an admin for the page (who has a bunch of likes) and got them to log into to the page and create the username. Worked first time without a hitch. I then deleted the temporary admin account which I only needed for 3 minutes.

Hope this helps!