kuku klok

I can only imagine that there are many online alarm clocks. That may be. But I wanted to share with you one that I have been using for a very very long time.

So handy. Made even more handy when I work at the computer for many hours a day. Need a reminder to pick up the kids? Run out for a meeting? Whatever it may be Kuku Kolk is there to help.

Kinda simple. No bells and whistles (but does have a rooster). Just does what it suggests it will. Looks to have more than 64,000 facebook likes.

Totally free. No sign up or nothing. It just tells you the local time, and you set your alarm and pick the sound you want to play when it goes off.

Check it out: kukuklok.com

Additional note: To load the alarm clock instantly in my browser I just type “alarm” in the address bar and hit enter. This is because I’ve been there before, lots. A handy shortcut if you didn’t know it.