simmple icons
Whether you’re looking for one or more vector-based SVG icons for your project, Simple Icons at does a fantastic job of presenting them to you with a no-nonsense and easy to use interface (single-click to download).

These icons can be used on the web or in any software program capable of working with SVG graphics.

Thanks to Dan Leech for this helpful resource!

FYI – SVG’s are Scalable Vector Graphics and work the same way a font does. The letter “A” in a font is built using a mathematical formula to outline the shape of the letter. Then a fill can be applied to that shape outline. You can imagine in Microsoft Word having the letter A on the page and making it really tiny in size, or really large in size. No matter the size, the mathematical formula used to draw the outline of the shape is just multiplied by a constant to make it larger (smaller), thereby always rendering the shape with perfectly crisp and sharp graphics. Any SVG or purely vector-based graphic works this way. It’s why a properly designed logo can be 1″ small, or 10′ across and still be razor sharp and clear!