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Gmail Will Support CSS Media Queries


Announced yesterday (Sept 14, 2016) on their Google Apps Developer Blog says that Gmail will soon be able to handle CSS media queries. Later this month, you’ll be able to use CSS media queries with Gmail and Inbox by Gmail to ensure that your message is formatted the way you intended, whether it’s viewed on […]

Emails Slow? Check Your Greylisting Settings


  This might not pertain to your situation. In fact I knew nothing about Greylisting, or if applied to me, until I went digging into the server settings via my cpanel. What was happening to me was I testing a contact form script that I had written from the ground up. It was including some […]

Send Or Receive Money Easily With Interac


At times I have clients ask if they can pay me with their debit card. Well, yes, they can. And it’s really easy. You can send and receive money easily too. It’s called an e-Transfer and all you need is a bank account and the email address of who you want to send money to. […]

Mailinator: Free, Disposable, Email


This post is being shared with you so you can understand how easy it is to use a fictitious email address when signing up for some sort of web service. Likely this web service may send you one confirmation email and then after that send spam to you, or sell your email address after that […]

Thunderbird Mail and Marking Junk


I’ve been using Thunderbird (Mozilla’s email software) for years now. Because I’m a computer geek and NEED to have everything just right on my computer it bothered me for a long time that even messages Thunderbird would mark as junk and then move to the junk folder, they would still be highlighted (or bold) and […]