I’ve been using Thunderbird (Mozilla’s email software) for years now. Because I’m a computer geek and NEED to have everything just right on my computer it bothered me for a long time that even messages Thunderbird would mark as junk and then move to the junk folder, they would still be highlighted (or bold) and the Junk Folder would also be bold, as if I had something to attend to.

Well a tiny add-on for Thunderbird fixes this. It simply marks all folders named spam or junk as read. So now junk rolls in, gets moved, and I never know about it. It does also offer the advantage that the junk is not deleted, it’s still right where it should be in the junk folder, though I can go and peek in there every so often to see there are no valid messages.

The plug-in or add-on is called Mark Junk Read (v 1.01) and was written by Alex Cabal.

Here is the link to Thuderbird’s own page for the add-on.